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Equity for Hire?

Equity for Hire (E4H) is an online startup incubator that empowers business owners to find partners by using equity contracts, alleviating the number one issue among startups: raising capital. It is a profession-agnostic platform, meaning you are encouraged to build any team for any reason, so long as you register your business in your respective country. With E4H, you will be able to team with globally-verified partners who have received background checks to ensure you piece of mind.

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Equity is a percentage of what a company/product is worth, which becomes more clear as it grows and raises funding. If a company/product is just starting, then the worth is $0.

That's the idea! Essentially, you and all partners believe in the product enough that you are willing to work for free (or even at a loss) until you raise capital and produce a profit. You will sign contracts in agreement of each partner's contributing worth to your product.

When starting a business, you will always encounter financial loss, so come up with a game-plan for your finances to be as comfortable as possible. However, E4H will only be a drop in the bucket. Here is the breakdown of our fees:

Business Owners: As the person with the idea, the fee is $49.99 per month; a small fee to let us know you're serious about the product and to help us help you. Afterwards, we will require an equity agreement of 6% per product registered on the platform, only to be enforced should any profits transpire.

Partners: All users who are partnered with business owners will pay a subscription fee of $9.99 per month.

There are many platforms and apps you can use to start your business, but Equity for Hire is the only cohesive platform to give you all the tools at one low price. These tools include chat, goal, and task management systems, making sure to alleviate the need of using multiple logins.

In addition, our goal is to provide you with guided steps and advice to prepare your team for success.

The first phase will be U.S. only with long-term plans to support each country that accomodates registering a business.

Your apprehension is natural because you're doing something new. Of course, when starting a company, you are going to spend a lot of time and/or a lot of money to achieve your goal. We are here to help you spend less time while maintaining a balance with your funds because you can always redeem money but never your time. In short, we want to deter bad partners, conducting unclear research and executing unguided plans.